We See Before We Feel

Ini adalah tulisan lama saya, yang pernah saya unggah di sebuah aplikasi jejaring sosial yang sudah tutup. Ada gunanya juga dulu acap kali menulis status yang panjang-panjang, karena saat tidak ada ide untuk menulis di blog, bisa mendaur ulang status-status lama.

Tentu saja tidak semua status masih layak ditampilkan kembali. Perlu sedikit polesan untuk membuatnya up-to-date. Maka berikut ini status lama tersebut yang sudah saya poles sedikit:

As I walked down on escalator, I saw two people in front of me giggling to each other. They randomly pointed at things shown in window displays of some random stores on the floor. Their body languages and facial expressions seem to suggest they’re at the beginning of a romantic relationship.

Funny. I did not smirk. Nor putting on my cynical stare. I could not help but smiling. Just a little smile. I don’t want them to see me smiling at them. I find their brief affectionate display to each other cute.

At that quick flash, I realize that we may be in dire need of love. Right now, at the current state of the world we live in, it could not be any easier to surrender to hatred, pessimism, or loathing.

Life is hard, and it is even harder right now. Especially for us who choose to live our lives freely, thus deemed to be slightly different.

Yet, I am surrounded by people in love. My friends already celebrate their 10th, 12th, 6th anniversary of their relationships. Those who are still single, they do not give up, and they are more than being fine. Those who have been involuntarily single after exiting long-term relationships, they do not give up, and they take their time to be back and up again.

Hey, that’s purely my observation. Eyes can be deceiving, or eyes can be telling the truth.

I often smile looking at and reading their posts that show their affection to one another. I often laugh reading their internal jokes, despite my lack of understanding.

Maybe that’s what we need to have a tiny assurance that life is still worth living. That love is all around.

Love, that we may not experience on our own.

But seeing others having and showing their love, that already gives us hope.

(Taken and nurtured by yours truly.)

(Amazing how not getting a ticket to watch a film can do to you. Who are these people filling up an entire cinema on Wednesday night?! Bloody hell! Your grandpa’s cinema. Bioskop e mbahmu.)

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