What good is a heart in words?

Dear you,

Before the answer to the title above is revealed, and before the fate of this letter ends up in its disappearance from the mailbox, I hope there are some precious seconds you are willing to spare to read this through the end.

And I wonder if the request has now become some sort of soft force I make you do. If it is, you have every right to divert your eyes from this space.

As much as I have my right to continue writing this, and liking you along the way.

In fact, it has been going on for some time now, in which you may choose to acknowledge in silence, or you keep it in heart by yourself .

Either way, it gives yours truly some sort of assurance, that what is not spoken in person eventually reaches out to you. This is something I consider as a purely personal achievement.

The other achievement lies on how you have made me a complete human being just by falling for you.

In my attempt to keep you in my thought, I’ve kept thinking of you as I close my eyes for the day, and open them to start another.

Injecting you in my mind as a flickering flame has warmed me up when my bitter, cold self turns up in many circumstances.

You are present in my mind as a detractor to keep me away from things I might have done on the first place that would only harm myself.

Dear you,

I don’t need to wonder if I were ever present in your dream, let alone in your full consciousness.
The fact is, relationship begins as a selfish act when one lonely heart desperately seeks another to avoid loneliness.
The loneliness leads one to despair, often shown in cranky, twisty traits that further makes one hardly likeable.

Thus, it is fine when one shuns unfavourable person to occupy heart, albeit the mystery that always surrounds this sentence: “we cannot choose who we fall in love with.”

Yet, this is not love.

This is only me, a human being with nothing else to offer but his heart, telling you that you have made me fall for you, without wishing anything in return.

This is only me, a man thanking you for finally making me believe that, by liking you wholeheartedly, you have given life again to once heartless self.

The heart is full of life again.

And that makes a good heart worth expressing in words, for you.




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