Dari 30 Ribu Kaki Di Atas Permukaan Laut

Maybe love is like playlist.

Maybe falling in love is like making playlist.

You do not want to reuse songs you used before for your previous past.
You search for new melodies to capture your heart.
You constantly try think of tunes that best represent the moment and the mood.

You may find one perfect song. That soon is followed by another track. Then you find another. Then you are stuck. Your creativity runs out, it seems. You run out of songs to fill your intended playlist.

You choose to sleep on it. You hope to dream a good dream. You may do, you may not.

Then you wake up. You look at your created playlist.
Suddenly you think of a new song to add. This time you only find one song. Just one that complements the other, and completes the playlist.

And that is love.

You grow the feeling. You nurture the patience.
You don’t rush the completion.
You only know when the entire journey begins to feel like a good playlist: great to listen to with a perfect amount of time.

That’s love. That’s your playlist.

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