Once in a while, you find someone you are crazily attracted to.
Someone you are dying to be with every minute of the day.
Someone you have a huge crush on, so huge that you overwhelm yourself with ideas and thoughts far beyond your wildest dreams.
Someone you are mad about.
Someone you crave to have.

When you find that someone, step back.
Don’t move forward, but take a step backward.

Once the euphoria dies down, you begin to see what once was flawless is now flawed.
You begin to see what once was tolerable is now intolerable.
You begin to see what once was lovely is now condemned.
You begin to see what once was compatible is now in doubt.

Everything that looks rosy now looks rotten.

Take a time to think.
Take a time to asses.
Take a time to observe.

When you find the time, step forward.
Don’t be hesitant. Just take one step. You already make a bold step after all.

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Congratulations, you finally deal with one thing called truth.

Truth comes when infatuation dies down.

We shall not cheat ourselves by becoming what the other person is like.
We may confuse ourselves with the idea of liking someone for being like us, which is far from likeable.
We must keep ourselves sane, after being smitten.

Reality comes when we know the differences between two parties, and willingness to try to understand them.
Reality comes upon seeing real attitudes undisguised behind distant words.
Reality comes by the time we accept to embrace changes, and finally give in.

After all, love is reality, not just a dream.

Once in a while, if we are really lucky, we stay in love.

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