Some People

Some people stay longer than expected.
They carve abundant of memories in us.
They hope that each one of them is taken as a token of remembrance.
The choice is for us to keep, or not.

Some people pass by quickly.
They bring out temporary joy without intention to stay.
Often surprisingly, we are left with no choice but to remember their fleeting presence.

Some people make repeated visits.
Obviously each and every single visit vary.
We welcome them at our own conscience.
Sometimes we give them warm embrace, sometimes we brush them off with cold shoulders.

Some people vanish completely from our life.
Yet, how they make us feel will never go away.

Some people are not meant to stay at all.
Yet, their brief time in our memory often goes a long way.

Some people forget us. Do we need to ask?
Some people remember us. Do we deserve it?

Some people do not come back.
Neither do we.
But the feeling stays.

Sometimes, some people come in our life for a very short time to make a memory that lasts a lifetime.

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