This AND That

It is the mark of an educated man to be able to entertain a thought without accepting it. – Aristotle

Just a short note on my past obsessive ramblings of thoughts. Otherwise I would never get over it and move on to other things.

I always respect anybody’s educated opinion, I really do. What bugs me if they stick to that and refuse to even listen to opposing opinions. As if only by listen, they would be forced to change their minds about what they strongly believe. Which are for most of things, not the case.

I’m not talking about opinion about arts, or things that are by nature subjective like those, but about the truth, or what we perceive as the truth.

I always thought that human is born a curious being. So when something come our way, why not look at it, listen to it, sense it and learn from it rather than cover your eyes, your ears and refuse to touch it all together.

Entertaining ideas, thoughts, beliefs, doesn’t always mean we accept it. It might be right, it might be wrong, but who are we to judge? Or how does it matter? If it’s wrong, don’t you think it’s even better for us to know?

You might find this annoying, but to me, fanaticism is a partial blindness. I think if you know more, you won’t be fanatic over one thing. Because you will see that there are lots – billions and billions – of options. Of knowledge. Turning our heads against them is just plain – well – stupid. Nobody, I mean NOBODY could tell us that we have to choose between this or that. “So whose side are you in? Science or religion/ spiritualism? Atheism or agnosticism? Skepticism or faith?” Nobody would hold a knife in your neck and make you choose, otherwise your throat would be slit. No.

So this is me: I strongly believe in science. I also believe there’s a higher power, an order, a cosmos. One day I wake up as an atheist. But every night I whisper gratitude to someone that I know will always listen to me. I don’t buy everything that presented to me, thus I’m a skeptic. But then I would try to know more about it, by reading. I also have faith, no, faith isn’t a strong enough word, I KNOW, that everything would be taken care of. Not by gods, but by us. Because we are gods of our own Cosmos.

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