Haze Craze


How are you, darl…

Aiyooo, I can not breath lah now, weather so bad….

Eh why why?

The haze laaah… From your country…

Ah so sorry for you. What do you do about it?

Can not do anything looor… Stuck at home. Kids can not go to school. You?

I am home, doing work.

Aiyo do something laaah, can not tahan anymore.

I waaant, but do not know what to do.

Yell on social media, perhaps?

Done already. 

Your President quiet?

Apparently he is doing something.

But the haze is getting worse, you see.

I heard about it.

You heard??? I experience it!!!

Hey, you ask your government to do something also.

How can I? They said many of those companies who burn the forrest are from my country.

That’s what I heard also…

So I guess both of our Leaders are discussing now lor..

And babies are dying while they are discussing.

Take so looong, more than two months already, still can not fix it.

Hayah I also dunno what to do. 

I have no idea what’s going on, actually.

Neither do I.

All I know I am suffocated now…

And so does people in Sumatra and Kalimantan 

Ya ya, I read babies and elderly people are dying. Poor thing…

And orang utan also… 

But you in Jakarta, ok maaah…

Well, the sky is grey…

But still can breath…

True that… But you know…


You know the feeling of helpless? It’s like I wanna do something but dunno what to do. 


And you read all the situation is getting worse everyday. Every single day, on social media. Twitter lah, Facebook lah, Path lah, all the news are so bad.

Teruk hoh…

You suffocate because of the haze, I suffocate because of feeling helpless.

You seriously think we can not do anything?

You tell me.

You the creative mind, maybe can think of something?

If I know what to do, don’t you think I might have done it?

Your country social media so strong, tweet lah!

Done already…

Gather all your friends to protest to the government?

Some friends I know do that already.

Or maybe, should stop buying products from those companies?

Can, but not going to stop the fire now, right?

True, but that’s the best we can do, right?

Some activist I know are already talking to the President.


They give up.

I also.




4 tanggapan untuk “Haze Craze”

  1. kemarin di facebok ada yg posting doa agar ada keajaiban sehingga asap segera ke jakarta.

    aku kaget. sedih dan kecewa. aku pikir, “se-shallow itukah dia?”

    setelah ngobrol di komen postingannya aku diem lama…

    nyesek! meski ga ada asap di sekitarku…

    Disukai oleh 3 orang

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