Cerita dari Negeri Seberang Zaman Dahulu

(A lifetime a go, saya pernah dapat pekerjaan sementara di Dili, Timor Leste. Karena hari ini otak saya seperti mogok bekerja dan bagaimana diperasnya tidak keluar kata-kata, saya post ulang salah satu catatan saya ketika itu. Semoga berkenan)

I can safely say I had a shitty weekend. We were moving on Saturday. No particular reason, just suddenly we were told that there was an apartment vacant, with cable TV and gas stove, so off we go! So borrowing office’s car we moved our things from Bidao area to Fatuhada [muslim neighborhood, mostly arab descendants. Daddy, I’m home!]. As soon as we dropped off our suitcases, Cristovao came and took the car. He had to check his bibis [bibi=goat in tetum, one of the official languages in Timor Leste].

We hadn’t had anything to eat. Are starving. My hands were shaking. Okay, I exaggerate a little. But we were hungry. By motorbike we went out to get some food. As soon as we were on the road, the rain started to fall. First just a drizzle. Then it was cats and dogs, it rained. Dang. We found a ruin of what used to be a house, took refuge there. Not before we were soaking wet.
To make the story short, after eating we went to our old house. We forgot to left the room key. We couldn’t possibly drop off the key and go, so we stayed a while to chat. About 5 minutes later it started to rain again. It didn’t stop. My bad mood struck.
“why oh why on our moving day lord?” plead me.

As soon as the rain eased up [it was late in the evening] we went home. The street became the largest lake. Every potholes covered by puddles. We found that our front tire were flat. So we had to stop everytime the bike hit a pothole. What a perfect closure of the day. You should remember that the rains hadn’t really stopped at this point.

The next day: I spent all morning cleaning up the apartment/house or whatever you’d call it. It was an aging bachelor who lived there, so you [women] can pretty much figure out the state of that place. After that we and our housemate went out for lunch. Again, as soon as we were on the road, the rain fell. Argh. We fixed the flat tire and stuck under the leaking roof of a tiny workshop. Our housemate decided that his bike also needed an oil change, just to buy our time of shelter there [so they wouldn’t ask us to leave]. We waited about an hour, and then the rain was bearable enough to drive through. But, when we were about 10 meters from the workshop, the rain started to become a gale. Exaggeration alert.

In a nutshell, we spent the whole afternoon pretty much like that. We made 4 stops and it was always like that. The rain stops – we drove – the rain started. I started to think someone was angry at me up there. At home that night, I was thinking about maybe I hurt someone’s feeling. So I sent few messages to few people I might’ve.

I was almost relieved when it was Monday again. But the curse hadn’t yet subsided. When we were having lunch, the sky was so clear. But suddenly, when we were heading back to the office, drops of water, size extra large were hitting my helmet visor. *sigh*

I was really in a bad mood. I hated Dili, and the feeling somehow seemed mutual. I couldn’t wait to go home. I sulked almost the entire day.

Today I woke up thinking about how am I going to get wet soon. But on our way the office, the sky is so blue, it’s like God is having new tubes of sky blue glossy paint. And just few hours ago, we past the beach road, I saw how the sea was so still and deep blue, mirroring the sky, with small white boats buoying peacefully. This town IS beautiful and it wants to be. Making me hard to hate it.


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