“I Love You”

Whenever we talk about love, we often talk about it in the context of romantic relationship between two people.

Books are written based on it.
Films rely on it.
Songs are made out of it.
Poems derive from it.
We spend our lifetime crushing, finding, and repairing it.

What is less celebrated or glorified is the other kind of unsung love between people, sans romance.

Love between friends.
Love between children to their parents.
Love between siblings.
Love between rivals.
Love between bosses and their employees, in any possible kind.
Love between artists and their muses.
Love between customers and shopkeepers.

Love that we do not read, see or hear often in words, images and tunes.
Love that we do not often acknowledge.
Love that we do not appreciate its importance, most of the time.

Yet, it is the kind of love that we need to live.

The kind of love that can make us feel alive.
The kind of love that gets us through our lowest moment.
The kind of love that empowers.
The kind of love that turns our day from mundane to glamorous.
The kind of love that feels real.

We may not grow up being used to express our affection to anyone besides our boyfriends, girlfriends, husbands, wives, or life partners.
We may be used to love others in silence.
We may find it hard to change.

Let’s just remember that there is a particular sentence that can change another person’s life for good:

“I Love You”.

Have you said one today?


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