Just Because …

… because it always feels good to love first, to spare a space in heart and mind solely for one other person, and no one else, just no one else but this special person, he or she who gets us up and about every single day, to think of nothing but giving our utmost thought effortlessly, selflessly, smoothly, and willingly, to initiate help without being asked to, to give without wanting anything in return, to wait in vain without knowing, to anxiously look forward to each and every clue, and also hint that brings joy, all of those without realizing that maybe, subconsciously, we don’t want anything back.

When you have given your love with all your might, perhaps you don’t care about being loved in return.

Love is …

Beeping heart
Beeping heart

8 thoughts on “Just Because …

  1. Karena aku mencintai LINIMASA dan akan selalu menunggu dan membaca tulisan terbarunya setiap hari….. šŸ˜› ā¤ ā¤ ā¤


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