ready when you are.

you’ll know when you wake up in the morning and the headache is gonewhen you feel your trousers are too tight to fit inwhen you opt for water instead of beer to cure the thirstwhen you let your windows openwhen you feel lightwhen you enjoy watching films alonewhen you click on Henry Mancini and let… Read More

What good is a heart in words?

Dear you, Before the answer to the title above is revealed, and before the fate of this letter ends up in its disappearance from the mailbox, I hope there are some precious seconds you are willing to spare to read this through the end. And I wonder if the request has now become some sort… Read More

Bukan Sekedar Pertanyaan Yang Dilamunkan

… bukankah pada akhirnya, bahagia yang tak terbatas adalah rasa bahagia melihat orang lain bahagia, meski kita merana? … bukankah cinta yang tak tertuturkan dalam lisan jauh lebih mengendap dalam pikiran dan perasaan? … bukankah tindakan yang berlebih hanya akan membuat kita menjejak di ruang semu angkasa? … bukankah nalar yang tak terasah menuntun kita… Read More


Once in a while, you find someone you are crazily attracted to. Someone you are dying to be with every minute of the day. Someone you have a huge crush on, so huge that you overwhelm yourself with ideas and thoughts far beyond your wildest dreams. Someone you are mad about. Someone you crave to… Read More