A Moment

how can I grieve if you do not leave? how can I grieve when the reality is hard to believe? how can I grieve while playing “Autumn Leaves” when you still walk around this place to live? how is it possible to achieve my sole relief out of a prayer whispered every eve? allow me… Read More

ready when you are.

you’ll know when you wake up in the morning and the headache is gonewhen you feel your trousers are too tight to fit inwhen you opt for water instead of beer to cure the thirstwhen you let your windows openwhen you feel lightwhen you enjoy watching films alonewhen you click on Henry Mancini and let… Read More

Adult and Adulthood

What I don’t like being an adult or a grown-up man is the need to be safe. Suddenly as we reach a certain number of age, we prioritize safety and security in everything at equal terms. For every saving we make in investment, insurance, foreign currencies and many other kinds, we expect the same applies… Read More